About Me

Bored anon who wants to get /fit/ and needs to drop 3kg in three weeks.
Some other anon suggested me to keep track of my calories in and out since I find really hard to drop weight and gain muscle.



20/01/2020:I try to weight myself once a month or once every two month. A week ago I was weighting 60.5kg.
I measured my hip, waist and neck in a really shitty way, quickly, so I will probably update this soon, since it's probably really unaccurate.


Not really sure what to say here. I guess I will talk about my /fit/ related hobbies (apart for going to the gym). If you know about some cool /fit/ hobbie that might interest me let me know.

I really like going /out/, but it's been a while since last time I do that. I wish I had more friends to go /out/ tbh. I would like to start solo camping, but my family consider me really weird so if I try to something like that they would think I'm up to some weird shit (already tried it ).
I like riding horses.
I used to practice taekwon-do but it's been a while since last time I went to classes. I should start going again it was really cool.